About Seafood Line

Seafood Line A/S is a frozen seafood supplier started as a collaboration of two Danish companies – Ocean Seafood A/S and Arti Seafood A/S. Today we are an independent, strong and reliable player on the seafood import and seafood export market. Many years of experience have made us to the experienced professionals, ready to assist you with any food sourcing request.
We believe in quality and exceptional service. Our partnerships and long-term business agreements are made only with suppliers exacting the same high standards as we do.
Being a dynamic company with the energy to expand the knowledge to assist, and the ability to consistently provide you with the top quality seafood products from all parts of the world. We intend to be your preferred frozen seafood supplier today, as well as in the future.

Cooperative Partners
Our partners are carefully selected to benefit us and in the end our customers. High quality frozen seafood starts with good practice production and processing. Quality is maintained by proper logistics and handling by professionals all the way to the end user.
Exactly for that reason, we profile Seafood Line according to the high professional expertise we possess.

Our Philosophy
We regard the sea as an ideal supplier of healthy food. We do our most for sourcing high quality food products, and thus, choose quality in preference to quantity.
We do not promise anything we cannot keep as it is our trade and we must set goals that reach beyond the nearest future. Hence, we intend to establish a reputation that corresponds to our professional aim of contributing with our best at all levels.
We have a clear-cut and well-defined corporate strategy that demands Seafood Line to watch developments closely, and thereby bring ourselves in a position to deliver the right foods at the right time. Timing, accuracy, and precisions matter of honour to Seafood Line.

Seafood is our passion, so we chose only the finest, most delicious seafood available.